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You may be asking yourself “what is prosthodontics?”  Prosthodontists, like Dr. Fortmann, formulate and execute treatment plans for the construction of corrective prostheses to restore proper function and esthetics of the mouth, face, and jaw.  

Prosthodontists take on more complex cases that may be beyond the scope of your general dentist.  In simple terms …

A prosthodontist is a reconstructive dental specialist who
treats patients that require special attention to detail

This may be someone …

Missing multiple or all of their teeth

Needing multiple fillings/crowns/veneers

Needing to match a single tooth in a visible area (front tooth)

Weather you’re looking for dental implants or non-surgical options, Dr. Fortmann will work with you to find a plan that fits your specific needs.   When you are treated with expert level care, you’ll have a natural smile you’re happy to show off.

Dr. Fortmann is the only board-certified prosthodontist in San Juan Capistrano, CA.