Relax Here

We want you to feel comfortable from the first moment you walk into our office. Our goal is to provide a relaxing dental experience with our friendly staff and natural lighting.


After meeting Dr. Fortmann during a screening appointment, a thorough diagnostic exam will be done on your second visit. Typically this will include jaw and bite analysis, oral cancer screening, medical history, gum analysis, impressions, photos and x-rays. You may find that a prosthodontic diagnostic exam is more thorough than other dental exams you’ve had in the past.  

Dr. Fortmann will review your case and design your personalized treatment plan. Together you and Dr. Fortmann will discuss the treatment options that are right for you.  

You can expect to have excellent treatment with Dr. Fortmann because she is a board-certified prosthodontist.  Dr. Fortmann works with only high-caliber dental labs and also is able to do a large amount of custom lab work in-house.

Honesty and Affordability

We strive to fit your budget and meet your high esthetic expectations. We do not “push” unnecessary treatment and prefer to present you options so that you have full control over how you manage your smile.  

Personalized Service

Dr. Fortmann believes in personalized service.  She will take the time to address any questions you have during office visits, phone calls or via emails.  We strive to schedule appointments to accommodate busy schedules. 

As a small, family-centered practice we expect each patient to feel important … because to us you are!